is a decentralized token intended for adoption and daily usability.

What is Basecoin?

Basecoin is a decentralized token aimed at day-to-day adoption and usability and designed with independent development.

What is your purpose?

Its main purpose is to be an alternative means of payment in physical and online wholesale and retail and also for payments of bank slips, vouchers, telephone bills and other types of services.

Why Basecoin?

  • Adoption / Usability / Benefits / Freedom

A peculiar feature of Basecoin is to provide convenience and security when making your transactions.

  • Safety / Comfort / Easy payout / Daily cashout / Smart and undiluted applications


Roadmap subject to new updates to complement and add new tasks.

Q4 2019

- Implementation of the smart contract.

- Emission of 246.912.000 BAB.

- Website launch.

- White Paper launch.

Q4 2019

- Social medias.

- Token BAB sale and distribution.

- Distribution by Bounty and faucet

- Inclusion in Exchange

Q4 2019

- Basecoin can be used on Trust wallet, Tokenary and Coinomi

- Listing in Coingeko / Coinlib / Coinmarketcap / Coincodex.

Q1 2020

- Swap ERC20 to TRC10

- Start create Basecoin Find Merchants

- Start create Governance Ecosystem

- Start create website discussion forum

Q2 2020

- Start create voting platform lounch

- Start Staking

- Start create with PoloniDex

- Join decentralized Exchange of the Tron network.

Wallet Basecoin

Wallet Basecoin

Secure Multi Coin Wallet

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Our core team

we are proud of our great team. He is one of the most motivated and enthusiastic people we have, and is always ready and willing to help out where needed.

Wendel Costa

Wendel Costa

Rafael Lobão

Rafael Lobão

Advisor LATAM
Thomas A. Andersen

Thomas A. Andersen

Virgílio Augusto

Virgílio Augusto

Community Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

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